Security Services

Chase Detective & Security Agency was established in 1991. Besides security arrangements, watch and ward duties and vigilance services, we also undertake total security planning and security review project and consultancy work in this speculated field.
The company takes special care while recruiting security staff to ensure their antecedence, security orientation, educational background, physical fitness, IQ level, and experience in security duties. A sizable part of our staff consists of ex-servicemen (military men). Our supervisory staff is especially selected from amongst those ex-servicemen who have had sufficient experience in supervising/monitoring security manpower in varied conditions.
We always aim to provide the most reliable security environment through a system of checks and monitoring, besides appropriate security orientation and motivation of our personnel. Our guards are well equipped with proper uniforms, identity cards, nameplates, shoes, caps, whistles, torches and baton, etc., and maintain a high standard of discipline and turnout.
In addition to providing trained security guards, we also provide armed security guards (gunmen) and lady security guards/supervisors wherever required. .

Training and descipline

All our guards including ex-servicemen are given intensive pre-service training before they are sent to actual deployment. The training includes security orientation, briefing, “do’s and don’ts”, action to be taken during various emergent situations such as fire, affray/riot, electric short-circuit, accidents, injury, burns, theft, robbery, etc. The training schedule of our security personnel includes use of portable fire alarm system, first aid, calling fire brigade and/or police on an “as-required” basis, – based on the client’s requirement..
The training aspect of our personnel is maintained during employment as well through an organized and systematic monitoring system. They are checked for alertness, duty-consciousness, and discipline via means of organized as well as surprise checks. .

Experience and Clientele

The company has more than 20 years of experience in the specialized field of security and investigative work, which is managed professionally by a team of experienced and senior retired defence service officers. We have, to our credit, many reputed clients which include government organizations, autonomous bodies of Government of India, public and private sector organizations including from states other than Delhi. .

Security Developement

Generally, we recommend a total security survey of the premises. Such an exercise elicits the most vulnerable aspects at a site, which may not be immediately apparent to a layperson. Appropriate surveillance and security measures are then suggested accordingly. Alternatively, the total number of sensitive points may be listed out by the client/authority concerned. Subsequently, total access control for all these points is put in place and no unauthorized access is allowed without proper verification and clearance. .